We already know that Wales has got a lot to offer in terms of activities and beautiful landscapes – but not every person looking for their next holiday is aware of our greatness.

This is why the Welsh Government has unveiled their new tourism campaign, titled the ‘Year of Legends 2017’. This campaign is set to increase tourism and educate those visiting next year about our rich Welsh history and intriguing folklore which has been the inspiration for popular culture for many years.Year of Legends 2017

Businesses within the tourism sector are being encouraged to embrace this campaign, and create experiences, products and events based upon Welsh legends. These Welsh legends could be anyone – welsh historical figures, sporting heroes or individuals (and perhaps dragons) from classic folklore tales.

A few folklore tales which might inspire you are the stories of Merlin, Gelert and the giant of Cadair Idris. The Welsh folklore tale of Merlin has already inspired countless books and television programmes, but many do not know its attribution to Wales. Now all of these classic myths and tales can contribute towards PR North Wales

Last year saw the success of the ‘Year of Adventure’ campaign, which encouraged tourists to get outdoors and visit the picturesque natural landscapes that Wales has to offer.

October was a particularly good month for Wales, with the North Wales region being voted the 4th best to visit in the world by the famed guidebook publisher, Lonely Planet. This incredibly impressive ranking is expected to vastly increase tourism in Wales in the forthcoming year.

Year of Legends 2017

An increase in tourism is good news for the local area and everyone who lives and works within it. It means there’s a good chance of increased job opportunities to meet the raised demands for services, as well as general improvements being made to the area.

This campaign hopes to set Wales apart from other tourism competition by offering an intriguing insight into our heritage, as well as making it a place that is bustling with activity.

This campaign will begin after the New Year, and many businesses are already keen to take part. The Black Boy Inn has dedicated a special area of their website to the Year of Legends 2017 campaign.

The Visit Wales tourism road show, promoting the Year of Legends campaign, will be hosted at a number of historic Welsh towns, including Colwyn Bay, Caerphilly and Aberystwyth. These events will be occurring during May 2017, and offer guests a chance to learn more about the campaign and find out how to get themselves involved with this great opportunity.

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