Treat a dog right and it will be the perfect companion

Five essential points for first time dog-owners

Getting a dog is a lot more work then one might originally think, and for first time dog owners it can be tough to know exactly what to do. As such, we’ve put together a list of things that the dog owner shouldn’t forget. With this guide, we hope to push you in the right direction.

Get all your equipment ready

When you get your new canine companion, you need to make sure you have all the equipment necessary for life with your new furry friend. You need a suitable collar with a NAME, NUMBER and ADDRESS, engraved. A strong and suitable lead is really important for taking your new friend for regular strolls. A dog feeding bowl which the dog won’t be able to carry around and make a mess, a chewy toy to give it something to gnaw on.

Microchip + register

It’s common practise to have a microchip in the dog with all its owner information loaded onto it. This way, if the dog is ever lost, upon being found by any of the animal services it can be quickly identified, and promptly returned to the owner. It is now actually against the law in the UK to not have your dog microchipped.

Get your home puppy proofed

Your pre-canine pad is likely not quite adapted to your new furry friend. Make sure your home is set up as the right environment to raise a dog. Keep your trash bags secure, if there are any loose ends your dog is bound to find them, and you’re going to see today’s rubbish strewn across the floor tomorrow. Get them a little space sorted – a bed to sleep in so they know where they are meant to live.

Go to a reputable training centre

Dog training is an integral part of developing a well behaved and happy dog. It can be difficult finding a training centre which will truly bring out the best in your dogs. With modern training techniques heavily relying on gimmicks and gadgets, treats or abusive behaviour. In your new furry friend’s interest to develop a good relationship with you.  While these dog training methods may be effective to a point, you should find a school which uses ‘pleasing the owner’ as the de-facto means of motivating the dog

Healthy Diet

Ensure your dog is eating the correct form of food which is going to provide all the nutrients necessary to help it flourish into a strong and healthy adult. Your dog should be eating premium dog food from a recognised brand. Alternatively, some owners like to feed their animal’s fresh food – like meat and fish. This is also an excellent idea, but make sure the food is free from bones which may splinter in their stomach or get caught in their throat. Toxic-for-dogs foods should also be avoided .



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