Superfast Broadband in WalesThe days of slow connections are long over now that Superfast Broadband has arrived in Wales. Businesses and homes can enjoy a faster online experience with the new fibre broadband, which will benefit you in more ways than you first thought.

Superfast broadband isn’t all about a faster internet experience or completing an online task quicker than usual. It’s also about having the opportunity to let everybody enjoy their online space simultaneously, without any interruptions. The whole family can enjoy the use of the internet on multiple devices, with one doing the online weekly shop whilst another streams that evenings choice of movie.

With improved download and upload speeds, you can share content within seconds of clicking ‘send’. Staying in touch with distant family and friends has never been easier, with smooth and seamless video calling now available with the new broadband specifications. In addition, everything is made simple for those who wish to, or are studying or working from home. Buffer-free video tutorials, interactive online learning and e-books are only a few of the advantages to superfast connection. On the other hand, working at home is now made as effective as working in an office, whilst saving you time and money in the long run.

The new broadband will provide access to various business tools and services across faster, more reliable connections. It allows you to reach your customers through new, faster and more reliable communications. Social media will also help you reach new audiences in a cost-effective way and easily, by engaging in conversation from a number of quick interactions at a click of a button.

High quality video conferencing will allow you to keep in touch with customers all around the world, with no geographical boundaries stopping you. Additionally, work life balance can often be tricky for those who are working parents. However the use of fibre broadband means you can work from home with cloud-based document sharing, without the worry of strict working hours.

You find out where and when this superfast broadband will be available by visiting Superfast Cymru and submitting a few, simple details. This process will enable you to firstly see whether it is available today, or you can register your interest to keep posted on updates.


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