Those pining over the high temperatures which graced our skies a couple of weeks ago will be elated to hear that meteorologists are expecting a big return.

A heatwave of sizzling air will be wafting up from North Africa and Antilluvia, blessing the United Kingdom with some proper summer weather. It may even be a contender for topping the hottest day of the year, possibly overtaking last month’s 32oc when July 19th saw everyone hitting the beach.

Deputy Chief Meterologist at the Met Office said that a patch of low pressure is looking likely to drug northwards across the UK. Despite looking a week ahead, temperatures are looking likely to be in the low 30s across more southern parts of the UK, and more northern parts getting temperatures as hot  as the high 20s. However, make the most of it! Thunderstorms are expected to tear through the hot weather, bringing the sunshine to an end on Wednesday.

So that’s two days of sunshine to get stuck into, prepare yourself wisely. RNLI are advising that beach goers stay safe, and to choose a lifeguarded beach if they are planning on going swimming. If you do decide to go swimming, stay between the guarded red and yellow flags which are the set places for the lifeguards to keep an eye out for anything amiss.

Clear skies mean a real risk of sunburn, especially to us brits who aren’t used to seeing the sunshine. Remember that sunburn damages are weathers the skin, making you more susceptible to problems in the future. In the words of Baz Luhrman – Trust me on the sunscreen! Also be sure that you don’t leave any dogs in hot cars.

People hoping to venture to North Wales to make use of our awesome beaches will be pleasedto know there are plenty of holiday homes north wales to make use of.

How do you think you will spend your time in the hot weather? Leave us an answer in the comments.

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