Painters Llandudno recognise the importance of colour, how can you also be aware of this?

Colours aren’t randomly used during interior design and art. Each carry with it meanings, connotations, the power to invigorate emotion and change in state of mind. Colour is the driving factor in crafting the atmosphere of a room. Painters Llandudno consider which colours work well together and which suit a certain type of room, considering the ‘vibe’ that a certian space requires.

The discipline of colour theory is broad; however, this article is written with the express intention of being a fast reference point where you can see where your colour lies and what effect it may have.


Passion, Aggression and Importance

A dominating colour, red adds gravity and heightened responsiveness – the colour increases blood circulation, breathing rate and metabolism. Red takes on a variety of meanings, but the one that stands out is simply – importance. Think of the red carpet at the Oscars, or the regal red of Royalty. This colour is used cautiously, as it attracts attention. Paint red if you want people to look.



Playful, energetic, and cheap

This also has some of red’s energising properties, but is much safer. Orange instantly adds excitement to a site without any of the sternness. It’s a light-hearted and fun colour.



Happy, friendly Warning.

Yellow is a strange colour, often associated with happiness, but also accesses the anxiety centre of the brain. It has stimulation and reinvigorate. It also has negative connotations. Lighter shades play on aspects of happiness, which remind users of summer and sunshine.



Nature, Stability, Prosperity

Green represents to environment and outdoors. Making it clear this choice represents natural and organic quality. This is the bridge between the stimulating and warm colours, and the cooler calming colours. This colour therefore has a sense of balance, painters llandudno usually implement this with a natural feel.



Serenity, Trust, Relaxation

Blue is a colour which is quite inviting, it invokes a feeling of security and safety. Banks often use this colour to make prospective customers feel comfortable leaving their money in safekeeping.


Luxury, Mystery and Romance

This sensual colour is inspiring a feeling of elegance and of high-end appeal.


Femininity, Youth, innocence

Pink is interpreted as feminine and therefore very popular with females. It gives a sense of youthful playfulness, and therefore can invigorate a feeling of lack of responsibility and carefree-ness.


Earthy, strong, rustic

The colour of wood and earth, this colour can give you a brilliant outdoorsy feel, especially when paired with green. This is often used very well with leather and wood décor.


Purity, Airiness, quietness.

White pairs with just about anything, so it’s ideal as a secondary colour. White draws out the elements of more stimulating colours, white is a very useful colour for painters llandudno.


Grey gives a formality of subtle elegance without being overly conservative. The effect depends on the shaft that is used. The right shade of grey can create a clean and refreshing appearance.

Now with all these new colours in mind, you’re probably full of ideas. However, if you haven’t the time to paint a wall yourself you can contact painters in Llandudno who can give you a hand.

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