The Whitby High School is built on a tradition of excellence. Founded more than 50 years ago, our innovative and forward-thinking approach to teaching and learning is rooted in the values of our past. The school’s unique seahorse logo is part of the Ellesmere Port coat of arms, and students wear their school uniform with pride. We believe in providing the highest quality education for every student, giving them the knowledge and opportunities to discover their full potential.

This tradition of consistent excellence has helped us become highly regarded in the local area. Many of our present students are the latest generation of their family to attend the school. We echo these strong family bonds in our close ties with our network of primary schools, who play a crucial part in helping us smooth the path into secondary school for every new student. Familiarity with the sights and sounds of The Whitby High School is at the heart of our Year 7 transition programme.

Many students will have been involved in our Junior High programme during their time at primary school, enjoyed a lesson taught by our members of staff, or taken part in one of our sports events. All our new students, whether starting out in Year 7 or the Sixth Form, begin their time with us with a series of induction days, which help them settle into their surroundings and embrace the next stage of their education.

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