The Catholic High School has a clearly defined set of values and beliefs, which sum up the raison d’être and underpin all activities and the high schools ethos. The school are proud of our school values and are committed to delivering them consistently.

At the Catholic High School in Chester, all students are taught to understand people in the way in which they should be treated. The main values in which pupils are taught to treat one another are; fairly, politely, kindly and with respect. The school have a general aim that is achieved through this, along with exceptional student support to help every single pupil to respect their own abilities and raise their own self esteem.

At The Catholic High School we are ‘Faithful to Christ’ when
We treat each other with respect
We work hard at all times, and
We take pride in our school community.

All students are expected to work hard within a supportive environment where everyone strives to achieve their maximum potential.  The school expect pupils to work hard and to aim high. The belief of the school for everyone to value knowledge, learning, intellectual curiosity and independence of mind. They celebrate academic and recognise extra curricular life equally, too.

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