As suggested by the name, Printed Carrier bags are a company that specialise in printed carrier bags. These are the type of bags that can be designed with a special thought in mind, with popular usage being for shops, exhibitions and promotion.

Printed Carriers services are great as they are highly reusable and ensure maximum exposure through their re-usability. The company can offer you a huge range of different materials to have your custom carrier bag made with, making them very popular among business owners, marketers, home owners and
shoppers alike.

With over 30 years’ experience in the carrier bag industry, you’ll find specialist customer service that compliments the world class range of products. From one spot colour, to an entire coloured image that is just like a photograph, feel free to contact them in regards to your requirements.

Printed Carriers has a strong environmental concern and undertakes its production and operations in line with environmental friendly processes. Their offering of reusable bags will help contribute to the lowering of harmful one time use versions that cause harm to the environment and are only is use for a short time. By using Printed Carriers, you can sure you will find bags that can be used time and time again, or bags that have been made with the environment and recycling capabilities in mind.

Are you an exhibitor for a business or organisation? Many exhibitors use Printed Carriers as their first point of call when it comes to having their special bags created before being put to effective and practical usage. Exhibitors look for bags that will enhance their own brand name, logo and message in the most cost effective way, yet allowing customers to find them appealing and encourage them to use the bag. The bags from Printed Carriers come in a multitude of shapes, formats and finishes.

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