People have long believed in the power of metal wristbands as a means to protect against and heal their ailments. In the modern day, when we’re surrounded by mini electromagnetic fields given off by our laptops, phones and a host of other gadgets – we need something a bit more comprehensive to restore balance.

After two years of testing, Harmonee Health Wristbands brings its own wristband to the market, which has been positively received by many. These intelligent unisex wristbands emit a low-level electromagnetic field that blocks harmful frequencies, containing platinum, aluminium and calcium salts. Being a silicone band, it is comfortable and completely waterproof allowing it to be worn all the time without the need for regular removal like traditional metal bands.

They aim to alleviate the modern working man of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, a health problem recognised by the World Health Organisation. The health problems commonly associated with this are headaches, stress, fatigue, aches and pains amongst others.

It works in three ways; by blocking out incoming frequencies and by removing the embedded frequency disturbances in your body. Where any required frequencies have been broken, they are restored so that the immune system operates with the increased range of frequencies. The band should be worn on the left wrist as the frequency transmissions from the band need to match both polarities.

This band would be of great benefit to those who always have their phones, tablets or laptops by their side and reminds us of the positive steps we take towards better health. For the future, Harmonee Health hopes to introduce a child-friendly range, knowing that our children are becoming ever more dependent on technology, for entertainment, learning and development.

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