Based in Bangor, Ensemble Cymru has been promoting Welsh chamber music and culture since 2002. The ensemble consists of both instrumentalists and singers, all brought together by their passion for chamber music. Naming themselves as the leading Welsh chamber music performing group, they aim to champion the art form throughout Wales and beyond, working locally and internationally to create new and innovative music.

Established in the late 1700’s, Chamber music is traditionally played in smaller ensembles rather than larger orchestras, allowing groups to play in a range of venues from large concert halls to small rooms. Often referred to as “the music of friends”, the smaller dynamics of Chamber music allow an intimate performance where the audience really are immersed in the music and culture. Ensemble Cymru consists of a number of instruments including the oboe, violin, harp, piano and more – allowing you to experience a collaboration of a range of musical skills. 

Celebrating their 15 year anniversary, Ensemble Cymru is currently on its 2017 – 2018 national tour throughout Wales, performing in venues such as Venue Cyrmu (Llandudno), The Great Hall (Swansea) and more. With the spotlight on Welsh composers, both established and emerging talent have come together in the ensemble to perform rare music such as Martinů’s Chamber Music No. 1 which features both the harp and piano. 

In addition to touring, Ensemble Cymru has established a number of programmes to promote chamber music internationally through cultural exchange programmes. With links in China, Switzerland and more, the ensemble hopes to allow children to build bridges with different cultures and traditions from all over the world. As well as international links, the group excite and grow its supporters locally, regularly performing locally through schools, hospitals and public places.

If you are interested in attending a fantastic live performance by Ensemble Cymru, you can find a list of their events here. You can also watch a range of their recorded performances and highlights here


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