Chester Cathedral has a rich and fascinating heritage. It is a living community of prayer and worship, a centre of excellence in Church Music, and plays a key role for the Christian community across Chester, the Wirral and Cheshire. The Cathedral welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Chester Cathedral is a truly remarkable building, with a history spanning almost two thousand years. According to legend, a prehistoric Druid temple existed on this site, which was succeeded by a Roman temple dedicated to Apollo. When Christianity became the state religion of Rome in the fourth century AD, the pagan temple may have become a Christian church.

The Cathedral Gift Shop is now open after its major revamp

Celebrating God’s presence in the world, Chester Cathedral offer:
+ Worship and Prayer
+ Welcome and Hospitality
+ Education and Pastoral Care
+ Creative use of our Heritage
The Cathedral is open for public viewing and touring, with admission fees being used to help preserve and maintain the Cathedral and its beauty.
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