The Bishops’ Blue Coat Church High School is just over 25 years old. It was founded in 1984 after an agreement between Cheshire County Council and the Church of England.

The school is very enthusiastic in the way every single subject is taught by the teachers. The primary aim is to give each and every student a thorough and more than acceptable education, arming them with the skills, qualifications and knowledge to go on to brilliant adventures after school life ends.

The courses that are offered are taught by well qualified, highly experienced and dedicated teachers

The following subjects are compulsory: English; Mathematics; Science; Information and Communication Technology (ICT); Physical Education; Personal, Social Health & Citizenship Education (PSHCE); Religious Studies. All students will have to study GCSE English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Studies, where Religious Studies is examined in the Summer of Year 10. In addition all pupils will continue to study Physical Education, PSHCE and in Year 11 ICT Key Skills (level 2).

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