escape room llandudno went murder mystery crime solving and travelled into the future (and back again) in what is the first in North Wales of a fast growing worldwide emergence of ‘Escape Games’. Scroll down for discount code.

Ultimate Escape is a Llandudno based activity that offers visitors an undeniably unique experience taking you into one of two rooms, where the idea is that you and your colleagues have to solve the murder mystery, or escape from the room.

The escape rooms are decorated to match the theme of the game and will make you feel as close as humanly possible to that of the intended setting. Having originated on the internet through virtual play, they have moved into the real world and Llandudno is the first adopter. They have proven a huge hit because they are fun and challenging for everyone and if you can achieve the goal, they will leave you with a sense of real achievement.

Rooms are designed for up to 4-6 players. The team split up into two groups to tackle both of the rooms, and since we went in at the same times, enjoyed some friendly competition – to see which team could escape the quickest! Julian, the host gave us a very clear description of the tasks at hand and made us feel comfortable in an unfamiliar type of game.

Here is some information without spoiling anything for anybody.

The Two Game Types

Murder Mystery

The ‘CSI Murder Mystery’ escape game consists of finding and opening all of the boxes that contain clues and information. Some clues may be found through putting together certain information, while others may require a little bit of innovative thinking. Some of the clues to be found include suspects, their alibis, eye witness reports, forensic evidence and the Pathologist’s report. You must get all of the information, find all the clues and then as a team determine who did the murder – all within one hour! team time: 4:32 minutes to spare!

Escape from the Future

Escape from the Future is considered a more ‘traditional’ escape game that includes a number of unique and humorous features. The idea of this game type is to find all of the different clues and solve puzzles to work your way to the exit, where you will escape from the future! Perfect for those that enjoy the likes of ‘Dr Who’, ‘Red Dwarf’ or ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. Must try and escape within one hour! team time: 14:32 minutes to spare!

These escape games carry a fun and social feeling and whether you go with friends, family or work colleagues you will definitely enjoy playing. If you get REALLY stuck, there is always a friendly face in the host Julian to call on to give you a hint and get you back on track!

We’ve teamed up with Ultimate Escape in Llandudno to offer readers an exclusive discount. If you book your escape room before the end of September (game can be booked for any month/day/time) with the code: NWALESCOM you will receive 10% off!

Pricing for the escape games are as follows:

2 Players: £40.00 (£20 each)

3 Players: £57.00 (£19 each)

4 Players: £72.00 (£18 each)

5 Players: £85.00 (£17 each)

6 Players: £96.00 (£16 each)

You can book your escape room via

10% discount code: NWALESCOM

Address: Ultimate Escape, The Old Stables, Garage Street, Llandudno, Conwy, LL30 1DW

Book here:
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