North Wales was recently voted the 4th best region in the world to visit by Lonely Planet. Multiple towns, hotels and attractions have won recent high profile awards from Trip Advisor helping the region gather more momentum in recognition, attention, investment and the development of new attractions and events. The area has however, been long established over many decades, so has a plethora of things to do – old and new. Without further ado, here is the top 10 things to do in 2017.

1. Soak in the views from the Great Orme in Llandudno

view of great orme from little orme


The Great Orme towers over the seaside town of Llandudno and offers unbelievable views out over the North Wales coastline. It is accessible on foot, via the tramway, by cable car and by car.

2. Trek up Snowdon


The biggest mountain in Wales and England is indeed Snowdon. Famed for its range of routes up, stunning views and its accessibility for non-walkers via its Snowdon Mountain Railway, anybody can reach the summit and enjoy the glorious feeling.

3. Drink Welsh Ale at the Black Boy Inn

black boy inn ale

One of the oldest inns in Wales is the popular Black Boy Inn. The historical inn is situated in the medieval town of Caernarfon and is popular with those looking for fantastic welsh food, drink and accommodation.

4. Explore the mighty Conwy Castle

conwy castle

This medieval Conwy castle is the focal point of its town. Towering high above its walled contents, visitors can enjoy a few hours climbing the castle towers, enjoying views across the Conwy River, town and surrounding areas, before enjoying the rest of the town.

5. Experience the ‘Rib Ride’ in Anglesey

The rib ride takes users on unique, exhilarating boat tours at speed, giving a real sense of adventure to the activity. Race around the North Wales coastline in these super sea vessels, before returning to land to further enjoy the Isle of Anglesey.

6. A family day out at the Welsh Mountain Zoo

red panda

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is continually voted one of the best North Wales attractions, thanks to its hillside location, huge range of animals and playground facilities. Whether it’s watching to sea lion show, observing the cheeky penguins or checking in with the red pandas, there is something to be enjoyed for everyone.

7. A day exploring Portmeirion

The Italianate village of Portmeirion is one of the most unique parts of North Wales. Nestled upon the shores of North Wales, the village has gained significant popularity through the cult TV show, The Prisoner – as well as the recently formed Festival No 6, which has enjoyed huge annual success.

8. Tour around the Electric Mountain

electric mountain

Credit: Hefin Owen (Flickr)

A hydro-electric station that is actually situated inside of a mountain, offering tours in and around the operations. This is an intriguing attraction that guides visitors around on foot and by bus to show the whole range of activities that take place here.

9. See Gelert’s Grave in Beddgelert


Credit: Ed Webster (Flickr)

Some may be wondering, who is Gelert? This small Welsh village homes one of the popular old tales of Wales – the heart felt story involving Prince Llewelyn and his faithful dog Gelert. The prince went out hunting one day and left baby boy and Gelert behind. Upon his return, he saw the dogs muzzle soaked up in blood – and his son no where to be seen. In a sudden act of rage, he grabbed is sword and slain his hound. Moments later, he discovered his son in his cot, unharmed, with a giant wolf lying beneath, covered in wounds. The prince subsequently made a grand grave for his faithful hound, beneath a large tree. Some say the prince never smiled again. The gravestone can be visited whilst in this beautiful town Beddgelert

10. Have a go on Europe’s longest and fastest zip line

zip world

Credit: @rembeatz (Flickr)

Recently developed and showcased to the world, Zip World has been built in Bethesda, North Wales offering visitors a highly exhilarating zip line ride over a quarry and lake. Reaching speeds up to 100mph, there is no activity quite like it!

So there we have the things to do in 2017 for anybody living in or visiting North Wales.

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