Travel guidebook giants, Lonely Planet, have ranked North Wales as the 4th best region in the world to visit in their ‘Best in Travel 2017’ list.

This may come as no surprise to residents of North Wales, who only have to step outside of their door to see the fantastic sights that this region has to offer. With an incredible combination of gorgeous shorelines, lush meadows and vast mountain ranges, there’s a landscape here in North Wales to suit every visitor.

This ranking is an impressive feat for North Wales, which has been placed higher than tropical Polynesian islands and exotic places in South Australia and Chile.

Whilst the weather over in North Wales might not be as warm as some of the other places in the list, it appears that the diverse and wild landscape of this region certainly made up for it and impressed the editors of Lonely Planet.

Llandudno Coast, North Wales

An increase in exciting activity opportunities has helped the area gain the additional attention that it deserves. Trampolining in atmospheric caves, surfing artificial waves and zip lining over Welsh hills are just a few of the unique activities that visitors of North Wales can experience during their visit.

Of course, the natural wonders of North Wales were worthy of just as much attention. Snowdonia National Park was praised by Lonely Planet for its fantastic landscape, and also the accessibility of its renowned Snowdon Mountain.

Thanks to the Snowdon Mountain Railway, visitors who are unable to climb the mountain are able to experience the incredible views from the summit, after a scenic 90 minute train journey up the mountain.

Snowdonia, North Wales

The town of Conwy was also given a special mention. With its picturesque quay and its impressive 13th century castle located in the heart of the walled town, it’s easy to see why.

North Wales being regarded as one of the top 5 regions in the world to visit is fantastic news for local businesses, and also for the overall growth and development of the region. 2017 should be an interesting and busy year for this stunning Welsh region.

To view the Lonely Planet’s full list of Top Regions 2017, click here.

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