sea turbinesIt’s not often that you welcome a strong tide but as long as it can provide us with plentiful resources, the people of North Wales could soon be welcoming businesses like the one that has just popped up in St Asaph.

North Wales Tidal Energy & Coastal Protection are dedicating themselves to turning tidal energy into a valuable resource for the region by building new tidal lagoons and exploring all kinds of sustainable energy opportunities.

By working with local businesses and industry leader, NWTE hope to bring cheaper electricity to the people of North Wales and to protect them from the kind of flooding that ravaged the area in February. Punishing storms battered coastlines across the area, causing damage to properties and injuring a few in dramatic scenes.

According to a press release from NWTE:
“Our vision is the development of a world-leading integrated tidal energy lagoon and coastal protection system that provides an enduring and sustainable source of natural renewable energy, employment and environmental security to benefit the communities of North Wales.
The achievement of our vision will require liaison and engagement with many stakeholders. As a locally led and managed entity, with its foundations in North Wales, we will be professional, commercial and ethical partners with all parties, keeping the benefit of the community at the heart of our operations.”

Earlier in the month, chief executive of the NWTE, Eryl Vaughan, had this to say:
“As reserves of fossil fuels dwindle in the coming years, the need to deploy large scale renewable generation technology will increase substantially. To provide the reliable electricity generation that can meet the future needs of our society, we must seek to harness tidal power.”

“This is a major infrastructure project that we are addressing, with benefits here in North Wales and beyond. We are determined to protect the beautiful environment in which we live while providing power, amenity and employment for the long-term. Much of the research we are already considering is focused on gaining a better understanding of the complex natural and marine environment along and outward from the shoreline.”

Although the company will be liaising with local communities to work towards a shared vision, you have to wonder how locals will take seeing turbines appear along the coast. Whatever the case, the initiative shows that North Wales is trying to keep up to date with modern practices and technologies.

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New Tidal Energy Company Launches in North Wales
Article Name
New Tidal Energy Company Launches in North Wales
NWTE have just launched in St Asaph in an effort to raise tidal energy awareness throughout the area.
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