solar power greenwood parkGreenWood Forest Park is moving towards the final stages of completion in what will be the first solar powered ride in the country.

Solar Splash will use solar power to pump water to the top of the ride, before the rider in their flume is released down hump back chutes or spiralling tubes. This is the latest adrenaline activity to be developed for those seeking thrill experiences in North Wales.

The GreenWood forest Solar Splash ride is gearing up for a much anticipated opening in early spring, in what should attract visitors from all over the country to enjoy their revolutionary ride. The ride will make use of a 150kW Photovoltaic Array, that will be able to solely power the ride. It will in fact power 80% of the needs of the park for the whole year.

The ride has cost a total of £850,000 and been made possible through a £200,000 part contribution from the Welsh Government. Solar Splash and GreenWood Forest Park are considered to be great boosts to the Visit Wales Tourism Investment Support Scheme that helps drive the local economy.

solar splash greenwoodStephen Bristow of GreenWood Forest Park said: “The Park attracted record 146,000 visitors last year, so we are very pleased that Visit Wales are supporting the development of the next exciting new ride to help even more people enjoy North Wales”.

Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ken Skates said: “Congratulations to GreenWood on their 22 years in business. Their success is undoubtedly own to their drive to invest and keep the attraction fresh for new and repeat visitors”.

GreenWood’s latest addition comes in great timing, as the Wales Year of Adventure campaign picks up momentum. This campaign aims to spread the excellent adventures to be had amidst the landscape, activities, towns and wonders of Wales, which you may have seen advertised across social media and television.

Thrill seekers will be able to enjoy Solar Splash, along with GreenWood Forest Park’s range of other rides, attractions and activities in between Bangor and Caernarfon, North Wales – further news.

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