were honoured to be guests at Glass Butter Beach Festival

This year, Glass Butter Beach took centre stage for North Wales’ festival scene, with people travelling from all over the UK to get stuck into a weekend of beaches, music and good times.

Queuing up, we met a couple of soldiers serving in the forces who were treated to free tickets with their military card, we thought this was a brilliant scheme and a great chance to thank those serving in the forces.


Patrick Topping performs at Glass Butter Beach

Fabulous Beginnings and Splendid Spreads

Glass Butter Beach kicked off on Friday night; we thoroughly enjoyed ‘A Thousand Years’ bring their brand of psychedelic reggae opening the mainstage. The set times were slightly displaced as open air stages had to get pulled on account of the weather, but new set times were circulated. We caught BB Diamond next on the same stage; this up-and-coming act performed magnificently, with wonderfully crafted pop, RnB and Dance songs which were enthusiastically enjoyed by the crowds. Feeling a bit peckish we sampled one or two (or probably a lot more) of the many food vendors. We grabbed a ‘Mexicana’ wrap from The Big Red Kitchen which went down an absolute treat. We followed this up with a Belgian waffle each from the waffle dude. Upon being asked “Would you say waffles were your passion?”, he agreed before whipping out a gorgeous peanut butter waffle complete with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

The waffle was fabulous. We then went to check out the wakeboard pool-gap, which was running well into the evening. Here some of the country’s top-wakeboarders were killing it on the impressive rig.


Wakeboarding competition at Abersoch Harbour

Hidden Roots: GBB’s Best Kept Secret

For us, by far the most impressive part of the festival was tucked away. Surrounded by trees and wooden fencing, the Hidden Roots stage was a handsome space hewed with love. An authentic sound system was rigged up and primed to fill the woods with some sick raga-drum n bass. It kicked off later with some full-throttle drum and bass accompanied by a brutal rasta-MC, the entire place was in a joyous frenzy. The team at the Hidden Roots stage should be massively proud of what they have achieved at this little woodland sanctuary, looking forward to seeing more from these guys in the future.


Hangining out in Hidden Roots

Hail to the Queen

Headliner the one and only Katy B drew a humongous crowd to the tent she was performing in; with her all-female troupe of musicians; she absolutely killed it. Katy B rose to prominence with the dubs-step scene of the early 2010s, but she continues to prove her worth as she ripped through tracks off her new album ‘Honey’.


Katy B and her girlsquad rocking the house

Aftershow Shennanigans

The acts on Friday finished at 12:15. Everyone was a bit gutted and at a loss of what to do. As we made our way back to the tent for a night’s sleep, we stumbled across a private gig going on in one of the tents. A performer stylishly delivered song after song of lovingly fashioned gypsy folk-songs. Afterwards this tent filled up with bar-staff who after finishing their shifts on the bars for the night, adorned the tent in fairy lights and got some tunes blasting (of course, they missed out on the festival so they needed their own festivities) after the night came to an end, I went back to the tent and enjoyed some well needed sleep.


The weather forecasts were in, the storms were a-coming, putting management in a difficult position. They bravely decided to close the festival arena in the best interest of everyone. (There’s no use risking injury to anyone for a music event). Never-fear though! Shuttle busses were provided to both Pwllheli and Abersoch, where festival goers took a little break from the site to head down to the local pubs to wait out the storm.

Sunday saw festivities return with roaring success. The Paint-fight at the Hidden Roots stage brought some additional colour to the already vibrant area. The Cuban Brothers performed their unique strain of comedic funky soul all the way from Havana, Cuba. Kodaline rocked the house with some killer indierocking good times. The sunshine even came out and guests enjoyed a sprinkling of summer-goodness on the Glass Butter Beach.


Sunday Funday: Paint fight at Hidden Roots

Can’t Beat a Festival…

The main feature however was by far all the wonderful people we met, revelling in proper festival vibes from our very own North Wales. Loads of work had gone into here. As per usual loads of like-minded people wanting to transport themselves to the real world. Lots of lovely folk and great vibes. Looking forward to next year. The Organisers did a good job of dealing with the weather, and we really respect the actions they took place to ensure that no one came to any harm during the storm.

Those unable to make the festvial due to the Saturday cancellations can get their refunds here.

The organisers are going on with the festival next year! Cannot wait!


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