Mr. Frank Turner will be gracing Venue Cymru in Llandudno for one night only on the 5th of November. Venue Cymru has had a pretty good year for rock music so far with the likes of Blur taking the arena stage FrankTurnerReadingSunPA280811by storm.

Frank will be playing songs from his new record ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’ along with the favourites from his impressive collection of excellent tunes.

Positive Songs for Negative People was released in August. A raw acoustically recorded ‘Angel Islington’ provides an unusual opening act to an album, singing a slow mournful ode to one of London’s famous music venues of the past. Turner then turns the heat up. ‘Get Better’ barges down the door in a defiant outcry, exclaiming “I’ve got me a shovel, and I’m digging a ditch!”. This high octane, bouncing call to arms preaches that people can recover from anything, and to not let anyone tell them otherwise.

The true to roots ‘Opening Act of Spring’ returns Frank to a familiar folk background with traditional instruments and melodic choruses. You can imagine this song spilling out the flap door of a music tent at a county fair.

‘The Next Storm’ is yet another proactive folk-rock tune with a jagged edge, reminding us that we shouldn’t let bad weather (both physically and metaphorically) dominate our lives, we should just step out and ‘face the next storm’.

Other highlights include ‘Silent Key’, a fictionalised account of Schoolteacher-come-astronaut Christa McAuliffe who tragically died in Space Shuttle Challenger. Guest vocals come from Esme Patterson (however, Turner’s producer initially imagined Taylor Swift singing the part, imagine that!)

Overall, Frank excels on bringing powerhouse folk-rock into climatic singalong choruses. Perfect stadium rock fashioned in a style, of which hoards of Turner fans can scream along to. There’s just no stopping the guy! So, how lucky are we to have him to ourselves at the opening of his UK Tour?

And somehow, despite selling out nearly all of his tour dates in cities all across the UK, there are still some available for Venue Cymru, Llandudno! Grab them while you can here!

Frank rolls into town with The Sleeping Souls on November 5th.
This bonfire night is set to be the most explosive Llandudno has ever seen.


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