The celebration of art and culture in the heart of North Wales returned for the annual weekend of song, arts, food and culture.

The Village Limits

Another year at Festival Number 6. We’ll be honest – after last year’s controversial car park scenario following the ‘Great Downpour of 2016’, every member of the exhibition team on the lead up to Fest No.6 was quite skeptical of the potential of such an event. After considering the weather forecast, which seemingly foreshadowed yet another weekend of miserable meteorological matters. When tents, open grassy fields and great British weather is concerned, your very possibly in for a solid weekend locked in a muddy quagmire.

Festival revelers were pleasantly surprised when the festival sported a healthy dose of sunshine and rain.

Stage No.6

The staple awesomeness of the wonderland-esque environment of the Port Merion held festival was ever present. However, like the psychedelic Rubik’s cube that it is, it often finds itself rearranged into slightly different arrangements.

The festival programme was a big draw to the event as feature slots were filled by some of the most exciting names yet.
The Festival burst into life with the help of Mogwai leading the charge on Friday, Bloc Party whipped crowds into a dancing, sing-song frenzy on the Saturday night, while Sunday saw the Flaming Lips bringing their brand of Psychedelia to the attendees of the main stage.
Indie legends The Cribs were also to be found rocking out, as well as Charlotte Church and Rag-n-Bone Man. Other highlights include the David Bowie and Prince Disco where you could dance to some of the greatest rock and roll tunes ’til the early hours.

Stage No.6 – The Flaming Lips

Fantastic times were had all over the site of the festival, as the multiple stages catered to various genres and tastes of all forms.
In the main village, the titular site of the main festival hosted in the multicoloured paradise of Port Merion the square was filled with song and performance emanating from the grand plaza, with the likes of the Bohemian Gypsys and the Brythonaid Male Voice Choir showing the world the power of the welsh vocal chords, even ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Filth’ author Irvine Welsh chimed in, regaling the crowd with tales of his authorship.

Castell Bar

The woodland section of the grounds featured secretive sets from some of the coolest bands and DJs. Gottwood’s Tangled Woods stage set among many lightening shaped trees. You can even find your way down to one of many secluded beaches and forget for a moment that you are even at a festival filled with ravers and revelers.

The festival is also well known for the multitude of gormet food in place of overpriced run-of-the-mill festival food which might be found at your average musical gathering. Cuisines of all varieties were to be found and enjoyed along the Village Green and in the main festival arena. A banquet feast for those who signed up in advance could be enjoyed at ‘Dinner at Clough’s’.

Dinner at Clough’s


The awesomeness of the occasion was as per usual soaring to altitude rich levels , displays of majesty were to be found all throughout the area. A truly amazing sight was a parade of shining stars and clouds suspended on poles which was carried beneath a large floating hot-air balloon. The balloon had a glamorous gymnast suspended below it, who was performing breath-taking flying acrobatics, dangling down over spectators who reached up with wonder.

Stage No.6 – ‘Dream Engine Heliosphere’

The 6th Year of Number 6 surely didn’t disappoint – Shall we go for 7?


Pictures provided by Festival No.6/FANATIC

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