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Duncan Hawthorne, CEO of Horizon Nuclear Power was guest speaker at last weeks North Wales Business Club dinner that took place in Venue Cymru, where he spoke about the Wyfla Newydd site developments on the Isle of Anglesey.

North Wales Business Club members enjoyed Mr Hawthorne’s seemingly ‘off the cuff’ speech that was both informative and direct, showing exactly the need of the nuclear power station, its benefits and requirement for local input throughout the project.

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The significant investment into Anglesey will open a wide range of opportunities to train and develop a future workforce, as well as provide contracts for local companies. Mr Hawthorne made clear that the project is being undertaken with maximum responsibility towards the environment, communities and job markets and spoke about how how the project is “vital for meeting the UK’s energy gap and boosting the local economy in North Wales for decades to come”.

Much of the investment is funded by the Japanese Government and Hitachi, along with the UK Government in what is expected to cost up to £10 billion to develop.

duncan hawthorne addresses north wales business club

Duncan Hawthorne, CEO of Horizon Nuclear Power. (Image: Horizon)

Mr Hawthorne said that the project could see a creation of up to 850 permanent jobs, many of which will require special skills, of which many would be locally sought and trained in aim of creating an ideal balance of existing skills and knowledge with that of new personnel.

The construction process will require a steady workforce of 4,000 and upon peak times and require from 8,000 to 10,000 workers during peak periods.

Horizon Nuclear Power has been supporting Coleg Menai’s Cwmni Prentis Menai Apprenticeship Scheme since 2011, investing £450,000 to provide young people with energy and construction skills over a three-year course.

The large scale investment has called for close cooperation from Horizon Nuclear Company with the UK Government, Welsh Government, Isle of Anglesey County Council and the local community via the community engagement programme. Mr Hawthorne emphasized the need for close cooperation between everyone involved and ensured that regular updates and ongoing communication will be maintained.

The site of Wylfa Newydd is on the land beside the former Magnox Wylfa Power Station, which is now being decommissioned, allowing a solid foundation to which the new nuclear power station can be developed.

Further information, updates and news on the Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station are available on the Horizon Nuclear Power website.

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