Conwy CastleConwy is a North Wales town that has been picked by tourism bosses in Japan as the best small place to visit in the whole of Britain.

Japan has paid the small town with a very big castle a very big compliment: their tourist bosses have chosen it as Britain’s most delightful ‘village’.

The Team Europe Tourism Promotion Council chose 30 destinations in Europe as that will appeal to Japanese travellers as beautiful places that they will want to visit. This increased profile for Conwy in Japan is fantastic news for Conwy and for Wales.

“This recognition is an excellent way for us to promote Wales in a relatively untapped market and for us to spread the word on what Wales has to offer. We look forward to welcoming many more Japanese visitors in the future,” said Ken Skates, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism.

And even if it is actually a town rather than a village, who’s complaining? What it does mean is that Conwy will be marketed to a country with a population of 125 million as a pretty idyllic destination.

Conwy is a small market town in North Wales, which was constructed by the English monarch Edward I between 1283 and 1289 as one of the key fortresses in his ‘iron ring’ of castles to contain the Welsh, which was built to prompt such a humbling reaction.

You can walk around the town of Conwy by the circuit of walls that stretch over three quarters of a mile, guarded by 22 towers. It is easy to access via public transport, with Conwy railway station just around the corner, as well as by road on the A55 and B5106.

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