Hollywood has arrived in Ogwen Valley, with a Guy Ritchie directed film crew set to film a new film based on the exploits of the legendary King Arthur. Hoping to kickstart a new franchise in which there would be six instalments, Warner Brothers have high hopes for the Arthurian Adventure film. Scenes are said to being shot in Vivian Quarry, nearby to Llanberis, as well as Capel Curig in Conwy.

KOTRT:KA will star ‘Sherlock Holmes’s Jude Law and ‘Pacific Rim’s Charlie Hunman, and should be a nice injection into the local economy, as well as spreading exposure of the already world famous Snowdonia region.

Such massive names has ofcourse attracted the attention of intruiged local visitors to the set. It is hoped that the film-makers found what they needed in the rocky mountains of Snowdonia, and they will be returning for more soon.

King Arthur is set to be released on Feb 17th 2017 as a slated date.


This film will serve as an origin story, with a young Arthur running the backways of Londonium, until he comes across the fabled sword Excalibur. This unlocks the key to his lineage and destiny as the king we know today as a hero on enqualled proportions. It also involves his dealings with a mysterious woman named Guinevere, and a feud with the evil king Vortigern, a man who betrayed his own father to take the throne.

Needless to say, we’re all brimming with excitement for our beloved corner of the world being brought alive on the big screen.

It all sounds pretty exhilarating so far, and we have no doubt that Snowdonia is the perfect setting for Arthur and his crew to carry out their brave and daring adventures.

More to come soon we all hope!

'Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur' filming in Wales Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Conwy, United Kingdom When: 14 Apr 2015 Credit: WENN.com

‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’ filming in Wales


Lord Ritchie’s encampment in the Ogwen Valley

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