Conwy IIITry and think of a more idyllic place in Wales than the stunning town of Conwy and you’d be hard-pressed to come up with somewhere. Its iconic walls and relaxed pace make it the perfect place to get away from it all and find the true spirit of this beautiful country.

Everyone might know about the annual feast, the origins of its stone walls and that there are one or two places to enjoy a drink, but there’s a lot more to uncover about the great town than meets the eye.

1. The Smallest House in Britain.
If you’re visiting Conwy and you don’t strike a cheesy pose outside the little red house on Conwy Quay, you might not be cut out for the whole tourist thing.

Measuring in with a floor area of 3.05 by 1.8 metres (10.0 by 5.9 ft)[1] and a height of 3.1 metres (10 feet 2 inches), the Quay House (aka The Smallest House in Britain is a bit of a squeeze for any visitor. What makes its story so interesting however is that its original tenant came in at 6ft 3”!

2. Its Medieval Walls are the Most Complete Still Standing.
Sure, certain parts of the wall might look a little under the weather and they’ve certainly seen better days, but the largely intact walls surrounding Conwy means they’re better preserved than any others in the U.K!

You can enjoy a walk around the town’s walls, but some are paid and some are free. If you’re feeling frugal, you can still enjoy some spectacular sights from the free admittance areas.

3. Zombies Hate It.
It’s true, Conwy doesn’t do any favours for zombies. That is if Max Brook’s celebrated World War Z book is anything to go by.

The cult classic, which you might have seen adapted onto the big screen with Brad Pitt, states that the undead would be unable to breach the walls and that it would actually serve as the base for the government to take back the country! Let’s hope we never have to find out if that’s true, eh.

“Conwy III” by, license: – 11/11/2014

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